What is ISO 9001:2015?

Consulting Organizations are problem solvers for their clients. Consultants are experts in their field and bring knowledge and experience to their clients. Problem solving is not a random activity and it needs process. Clients expect efficiency and cost effectiveness from consultants and an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System provides that. The introduction of ‘service’ in ISO 9001:2015 has made the standard much easier to apply in Consulting. The strategic importance of Planning and Risk (clause 6) and the increasing use of technology in areas such as data analysis (clause 9.1), come with many other critical issues such as regulatory compliance, all of which are addressed in the standard. Quest brings years of experience with the standard to enable registration to be achieved.

How can ISO 9001:2015 help your organization?

ISO 9001:2015 takes you into running your organization as a management system. System thinking enables you to integrate the many processes in your organization and ensure they are linked. Linkage is vital. Complex problem solving also requires a systems approach. One of the fundamental principles of system thinking is that a small event at the front end of a system can lead to major consequences at the delivery end. If that event is a missing requirement or missing data at the client interface, the delivery result could be disastrous. An integrated Management System significantly reduces the chance of that happening. 

How can Quest Help?

Quest experience in ISO 9001:2015, make us a perfect fit for working with Consulting Organizations. Quest support in developing the Leadership Role speeds up the process significantly. In the technology sector we enabled fast growing companies such as Motion Micro and J-Squared who provide both product and consulting support to scale by setting measurable objectives.RWDI, is a wind engineering consulting firm, providing design services for the tallest skyscrapers. They transitioned from using financial indicators to non-financials to drive the achievement of measurable objectives. The unique Internal Audit approach which Quest follows secures widespread employee involvement in the quality system.

Quest Experience in Consulting Organizations

The IBI Group consults in the fields of architecture, engineering, transportation, and technology. Monitoring of deliverables such as theproject report, drawings or a system installationwere strengthened significantly. The Xerox Research Center used Quest in the development of its Management System and Human Resources Development Canada (H.R.D.C.) Education Unit, education experts, described the Quest approach to training to be the best available. Global Travel Solutions,the first registration in its industry demonstrated our exceptional ability to develop Management Systems in any business environment.

Our other Experience

As global leaders in Innovation Management, Quest has been deeply involved in developing ISO 56002, the guidelines on Innovation Management. We bring that innovation experience to the table with all our work in Consulting Organizations, most particularly in the trending of new technology in areas such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.