Try our free Organizational Innovation Assessment tool which will tell you which aspects of your organization require attention in order to make you more successful at innovation.  Have your team participate and achieve a consensus on the areas for attention.

An 'Online' Organizational Assessment 

An assessment by your leadership team.  You find your organizational strengths and areas needing improvement.  This can be followed by a Workshop to create an action plan for developing your Innovation Strategy.

The Organizational Assessment is web based and will address the following:

  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Knowledge Management
  • Processes and System
  • People Involvement
  • Innovation Culture
  • Results

Each member of your leadership team is provided with a one page questionnaire which contains a series of 'choice' answers. It will take them about ten minutes to complete. The team member then submits their responses and we consolidate the responses into a document for analysis. 
The analysis identifies the aspects of your organization which, by consensus, require attention. We will advise you of the actions you should take to address those issues and document the actions in a consolidated report. We will provide each member of the team with the report. 
The analysis and the report are complementary and we will also provide you with choices ‎on how to address the issues you have identified.

If you would like to discuss this first, please email Peter Merrill at:

To see a preview of the questionnaire that will be sent to each of the assessment participants, please click here.

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