Innovation Management
using ISO 56000

The VUCA World

We live in a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Its often called VUCA! Navigating this fast-changing world requires us to be agile and innovative. 'Innovation' is exciting and is finding future opportunity. Business is driven by opportunity. Businesses with the fastest profit growth have twice as much focus on innovation as their competition. Companies who want a strong future are innovating.

The Challenge

However, Innovation can be overwhelming.  The real challenge is Management of Innovation. We need to balance the needs of today’s customer with investing in the future. Unless we have a well-planned but flexible approach there is a high probability of failure. Agility is essential and we will need to pivot. So, the question is how can we become innovative, overcome volatility and uncertainty and benefit from opportunities? Innovation Management answers this question. Many think of standards as being rigid and prescriptive with specific data and methods. Today the majority of ISO standards are for guidance and provide the accumulation of Global Knowledge on a given subject. ISO 56000 does this for Innovation Management and enables us to navigate a ‘system approach’ to Innovation Management.

Innovation Management using
ISO 56000

Experience has shown that, without doubt, using ‘system thinking’ and operating an organization as a system is by far the most effective way of it managing for results. An Innovation Management System means having an organization where your people, processes and technology are linked. The Global Knowledge for an Innovation Management System is in the new ISO 56000 series. It covers all bases and provides a system approach to managing innovation. The Guidance document in the series is ISO 56002 and has been developed through consensus from close to 40 countries globally. This is not just one person’s ideas but the collective knowledge of hundreds of experts globally.  It gives you guidance on strategy, culture, process, IP, metrics and the many key issues to look for as you develop Innovation Management. It gives you choices on how to initiate Innovation. You can start with strategy, or if you want to begin with a ‘contained’ approach you can start with process. 

How I can Help

I was on the Technical Committee that wrote the standard.  I started my career in the R & D Department of a major Corporation.  I became Chief Executive of a leading brand and understand the role of leading Innovation. Today, I help companies develop their approach to Innovation by sharing my past experience. One of the skills I have developed is the ability to reduce complexity into simplicity! I will explain Innovation Management in an everyday language and guide you on how to use the new standard in a way best suited to your own needs. I will also pivot as your needs change! I will guide you through managing innovation and save you time and money while increasing your people’s skills and knowledge.

The Outcome

The ISO 56002 Guidance will give you a flexible Innovation Management System. You develop an organization where your people, processes and technology are linked. You will go into the market place to find unmet needs, engage your people and use their collective knowledge to find solutions. It gives you the focus as you deliver easy to use solutions. Giving people the opportunity to release their own natural creativity engages them so you can beat the competition. The most Innovative companies are the most profitable.

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