Go to our unique self assessment tool which will tell you where you best fit in the Innovation Process.  Have your team do this and better understand each other’s roles in delivering Innovation results.


This self assessment will help you find where you can make your best contribution to the Innovation process. Knowing your best role will enable you to make your most valuable contribution. Have you team do this and you will understand each other far better. Understanding your role and those of other people you work with will enable you to work more effectively with your colleagues.

You will find out whether you are a Creator, a Connector, a Developer or a Doer. There are ten questions with four choice answers to each and they will probably take you about ten minutes to answer. Have fun!

  • Go to the first row and decide which phrase most describes you – score 4 pts.
  • Then decide which phrase is least like you and score 1 pt.
  • There are two phrases remaining score 3 pts for the phrase more like you and 2 pts for the phrase less like you
  • Continue down each row until you have completed all ten rows
  • You must have a ‘4’ a ‘3’ a ‘2’ and a ‘1’ on each row
  • When you have finished you will be told which is you best role in the Innovation process and also the primary task for that role.

When you have finished you can download a PDF which describes your role in detail.