Peter Merrill is an innovation speaker who has keynoted at Innovation conferences in the America’s, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  His passion for Innovation comes from a lifelong practical experience.  He truly knows what innovation is about and how to achieve it.

Peter Merrill, Innovation Keynote Speaker

PETER MERRILL is a much sought after INNOVATION KEYNOTE SPEAKER for Conventions, Business Conferences and Company Leadership Meetings.

He is one of the most knowledgeable innovation speakers you will meet and has spoken on Innovation to Conferences from 200 to 2000 people in cities such as Dubai, Mumbai and Shanghai.  He has spoken in Prague, London and Helsinki.  He has captivated audiences in Sao Paulo, Reno and Toronto. You want your audience to gain knowledge about Innovation Strategy, Innovation Culture and Innovation Process.  He will give you that.

He will draw on the knowledge in his books such as ‘Innovation Generation’ and ‘The Executive Guide to

Innovation’ and Peter's latest book ‘Innovation Never Stops' shows how to develop a Company's Innovation Strategy, Culture and Process.

Peter Merrill will engage your audience with his energy and enthusiasm. He is a practical person and presents complex matters in simple terms.  His presentation visuals are eye catching blending key text with outstanding photography.  His speaker projection is as good as you will get. He can combine his keynote with a one day or half day conference workshop which will expand the keynote content and include practical exercises.

You can learn more from his
innovation articles and innovation blogs

Peter has been Chief Executive of a leading European Brand and is not a ‘theorist' but makes things happen. You will experience his passion for ‘People Involvement'. He led the ISO Working Group developing the new guideline standard on ‘People Involvement'.

Your conference will take away an enthusiasm to get involved with Innovation and will take away a path forward that gives them immediate actions.