What is AS9100?

The Aerospace sector has its own unique Management Standard, AS 9100, which is based on the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001. However, it has a significant number of extra requirements. Issues which are vital to Aerospace and which are addressed in detail in AS 9100 are matters such as prevention of fake parts (Clause 8.1), tracking product through configuration management (Clause 8.1), and additional requirements for supply chain management (Clause 8.4). There are many other industry critical issues addressed in the standard. Achieving AS 9100 is not easy and Quest brings years of experience with the standard to enable you to achieve registration.

How can AS9100 help your organization?

AS 9100 takes you into running your organization as a management system. System thinking enables you to integrate the many processes in your organization and ensure they are linked. Linkage is vital. One of the fundamental principles of system thinking is known as the ‘butterfly effect’. A small event at the front end of a system can lead to major consequences at the delivery end. If that event is an error at the start of your organization, the delivery result could be disastrous. An integrated Management System significantly reduces the chance of that happening.

How can Quest Help?

Quest experience in AS9100D, deep knowledge of Innovation Management and broader abilities in standards such as ISO 45001, Health and Safety, make us a perfect fit for working with organizations in the Aerospace Sector. We enabled Spar Aerospace, developers of the world famous Canadarm, to achieve ISO 9001. We provided leadership training and strategic planning support to Air Navigation Canada, regulators to the industry and have enabled many aerospace companies with cutting edge technology to develop their Management Systems.

Quest Experience in Aerospace

We took Apex Composites, innovators in Carbon Fibre components, to ISO 9001 and then took them to AS 9100 Registration. We enabled Star Navigation Systems, developers of a revolutionary ground-based replacement for the ‘black box’ to achieve AS 9100C and then took them through their transition to AS 9100D. Besnovo, developers of a highly innovative laser stripping technology for aircraft paintwork were taken from start-up to a fully operational AS 9100D registered company.

Our other Experience

Our broader experience of standards such as ISO 14001 enables us to address the increasingly important environmental issue of the aerospace sector. As global leaders in Innovation Management, Quest has been deeply involved in developing ISO 56002, the guidelines on Innovation Management. We bring that innovation experience to the table with all our work in Aerospa