Our Innovation Workshops will open your mind to new approaches and new opportunities.  You will acquire innovation tools and your Innovation Workshop can be tailored to your own company needs.

Innovation Workshops

We offer a wide choice of Innovation Workshops from half day to two days in duration.   You can download the agenda for these innovation workshops. Peter Merrill is available for delivery of these workshops and comes with the reputation of being one of the most knowledgeable and competent presenters available.

Within each innovation workshop you will carry out exercises such as evaluating your own best role for innovation, developing ideation techniques and assessing the areas of your own organization that need strengthening to become more innovative. We specialize in Tailoring ‘In House' workshops to your needs.

Innovation Never Stops


Our signature innovation, one day, course is continually updated as new thinking emerges in the fast ‎moving body of knowledge that is innovation. First delivered over ten years ago it addresses strategy, process and culture and has been provided in all the continents from Asia to Europe to America. Download the Innovation Never Stops Workshop Agenda (PDF).

ISO 56000‎ The International Standard on Innovation Management


This standard provides a framework for an organization to develop an Innovation Management System. ‎From Strategic Planning through the Leadership role and Culture development the standard addresses the innovation process, development of the new offering and the metrics needed to drive both process and system. Download the ISO 56000 Workshop Agenda (PDF).

Innovation Strategy


An intensive, in depth, two-day course which gives an extensive understanding of innovation. Each segment has a workshop which develops understanding and application of the knowledge in that segment. This course takes the content of 'Innovation Never Stops' and expands it to a new level. Download the Innovation Strategy Workshop Agenda (PDF)

Innovation Culture


One of the first questions people ask about innovation is “how do I create a culture of innovation”. The real question is “how can I get creativity to co-exist with and ‘execution’ culture”. This workshop will give you answers to that question and show the essential behaviors and organization structure you need for innovation. Download the Innovation Culture Workshop Agenda (PDF)

Creativity and Ideation


‎Einstein famously said 'no problem' can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it'. Innovation has taken us into the world of creative problem solving and this course, which is for client site delivery, explains creativity and the works through a number of practical exercises on 'ideation' or creative problem solving. Download the Creativity and Ideation Workshop Agenda (PDF)

Half Day Briefing


The essentials of innovation from Strategy to Process and Culture. A fast-moving synopsis which can be delivered, as with all our courses, either on site or virtually. Download the Half Day Innovation Briefing Workshop Agenda (PDF)

Service Innovation


Service accounts for 80 % GDP in the US. The unique challenges of the service sector are addressed in a one day course designed around a case study. Issues such as customer emotion, service prototyping and the influence of technology are addressed. Service innovation requires both business model and process innovation to take advantage of the new tools provided by digitization.
Download the Service Innovation Workshop Agenda (PDF)

Innovation in Ecommerce


Nowhere have seen more innovation than in ecommerce. Techniques such as geotargeting, virtual reality and droid delivery enable us to provide B2B and B2C service we never thought possible. You learn the latest techniques employed both on and off the website. Download the Innovation in Ecommerce Workshop Agenda (PDF)

Lean Start Up

This 'cult' topic integrates entrepreneurship and innovation. Techniques such as the 'Minimum Viable Product', 'Pivoting' and 'Kanban' are explained. You are taken through the 'Lean Start Up' approach from‎ identification of opportunity to delivery of the user-friendly solution. Download the Lean Start Up Workshop Agenda (PDF)