Quest has worked with a wide range of industry sectors and has 100% success in achieving ISO 9001 certification. The Quest President is closely involved in the writing of ISO standards and we were one of the first consulting firms to take a client to ISO 9001:2000 and again to ISO 9001:2015. If you want ISO certification, let us explain the best approach for you.

ISO 9001 Consulting


Quest is among the World's Best Consulting Practices that Assist Companies in Achieving ISO 9001 Certification


Our ISO 9001 consultants have wide experience in ISO standards. We have over twenty years of experience in sectors ranging from service to manufacturing and through private to public to not for profit.  We have worked with multinationals such as IBM, RIM and AIG and smaller organizations with just half a dozen people in sectors such as homecare.

This gives us the experience to bring best practices from other industries to your organization.  The ISO 9001 standard is not just about getting a certificate it should also take out unwanted cost from your business. Past and present clients of Quest repeatedly speak of improved communications and greater efficiency.

The President of Quest, Peter Merrill has been a member of the International Technical Committee that produces ISO 9001 for over fifteen years and is at the heart of ISO 9001 development.  He understands how to apply the standard in a wide range of organizations.   Peter Merrill is also highly respected by the registrars who would ultimately audit your organization.

Quest will simplify a complex legalistic document and make it easy to understand and easy to apply the ISO 9001 requirements to your own unique organization.  We will engage your people, avoid over documentation and develop a management system that is built into your existing organization and not bolt on addition.  We will work with your existing practices to develop and improve them for ISO certification.

Our strategy follows a three stage project plan which gives you a major deliverable at the start of each phase...  

Phase 1 commences with a Gap Analysis and a written report that identifies the strengths and opportunities you have. You will know immediately where the project will focus.

Phase 2 begins with the creation, for you, of a concise customized quality manual. You can start using it immediately to engage potential new clients.

Phase 3 starts with training your own audit team. This gives you the long term skills to identify your own improvement opportunity in your organization well after certification.


There are many other tools and techniques you will acquire in our ISO 9001 training whether in Leadership, Employee Engagement, Documentation, Continual Improvement or Internal Auditing.

Quest has 100% success for over 20 years with the clients who have followed its approach to achieving certification.


Contact our Quest President, Peter Merrill for more information at

Other Management Systems - Consulting

We also provide consulting in other Management System Standards based on ISO 9001. Click on any of the subjects below to set up a time for us to talk.  

Consulting in other ‘ISO' Standards

ISO 9000 Quality Management
ISO 10018 People Involvement
ISO 14000 Environmental Mgmt.
ISO 27000 Information Security

The Speciality Standards

TL 9000 Telecommunications
AS 9100 Aerospace
TS 16949 Automotive