Innovation Keynote Speaking and Innovation Management.
ISO 9001 Consulting.

Keynote Speaking

Peter Merrill is an innovation speaker who has keynoted at Innovation conferences in the America’s, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  His passion for Innovation comes from a lifelong practical experience.  He truly knows what innovation is about and how to achieve it.

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Innovation Consulting

Peter Merrill’s knowledge and experience in the world of innovation extends from an early career in R & D through a wide range of design experience to being Chief Executive of design led brand in Europe.  He was founding chair of the ASQ Innovation Division and now chairs the ASQ innovation Think Tank. He currently chairs his national committee to ISO/TC279 on Innovation.He will guide you through business innovation and innovation is your business.

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ISO 9001 Consulting

Quest has worked with a wide range of industry sectors and has 100% success in achieving ISO 9001 certification. As a member of ISO/TC 176, Quest's President is closely involved in the writing of ISO standards and we were one of the first consulting firms to take a client to ISO 9001:2000 and again to ISO 9001:2015. If you want ISO certification, let us explain the best approach for you.

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