Innovation Workshops led by Peter Merrill will open your mind to new approaches and new opportunities.  You will acquire innovation tools and your Innovation Workshop can be tailored to your own company needs whether Innovation Culture, Strategy or Process.

Innovation Workshops

We offer a wide choice of Innovation Workshops from half day to two days in duration.  The workshops range from an introduction to the Innovation Process to a deep immersion into Innovation Strategy.  You can download the agenda for these innovation workshops as an illustration.

These and any other innovation workshop can be tailored to your own in house needs.  Peter Merrill is available for delivery of these workshops and comes with the reputation of being one of the most knowledgeable and most competent presenters available.

Within each innovation workshop you will carry out exercises such as evaluating your own best role for innovation, developing ideation techniques and assessing the areas of your own organization that need strengthening to become more innovative. We specialize in Tailoring ‘In House' workshops to your needs 

We can also provide specialized Workshops on these aspects of Innovation:

  • Self-Managed Teams
  • Innovation Tools
  • Ideation
  • Innovation Risk
  • Leading Innovation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Process Mapping
  • Design FMEA